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Damage Claims

The primary focus of every outage is to restore services quickly, protect public safety and to mitigate the costs associated with the damage.  Our clients manage the restoration and safety elements while The Claims Center (TCC) and JNR Adjustment (JNR) take the lead managing the investigation and recovery of the monies spent on the damage event.  

TCC/JNR teams have extensive backgrounds in research, invoicing and recovery of monies owed for damage related events.  We understand the role we play when partnering with our clients and we make sure every claim is handled with finesse and results.

Choose TCC and JNR to gain the edge over your plant damages:

  • 100% contingency fee and options to make the program damager funded.
  • Mobile friendly software to manage damage and field investigation data.
  • Strong industry presence and active in utility damage prevention organizations.
  • Standardized processes to maximize recovery while addressing local needs.
  • Investigation services to collect the information and costs critical for recovery.
  • Invoice services to capture all costs and identify the responsible damage party.
  • Recovery services by employees with plant facility and locate backgrounds.
  • Arbitration on claims with valid insurance policies or litigation as appropriate.
  • Customized reporting and expedited reimbursement of all monies recovered.
  • Improved collection probability with reduced recovery cycle time.
  • A team skilled in unknown damager investigations - Recovering over $10,000,000 in 2017.

It’s critical to be properly certified and staffed when managing damage events.  TCC/JNR meets this standard by having key business resources at the ready to conduct field investigations and research on every claim submitted.  JNR is also properly licensed as a collection agency in all 50 states allowing us to work with TCC to manage claims from their inception through arbitration or litigation.

Contact us to reduce your internal costs and improve the financial results related to facility damages.  Our services allow you to prioritize service restoration and public safety while we handle the damage details and complete the recovery effort.